Quantum Leap Advantage

Dan Pena


Dan Pena is on record encouraging his devotees to access all his old material via torrent, but I had a hard time finding anything. After much finagling, I got some help and put this together.

For more information, visit http://www.danpena.com


Your First $100 Million ~ Daniel S. Pena Sr (eBook Download).


Financing Your Dream (1 Video)

QLA 1 Day US Seminar (6 Videos)

QLA 3 Day Seminar (11 Videos)

QLA 2012 Seminar Footage (5 Videos)


3 Day QLA Seminar 1995 Audios (10 MP3s)

3 Day QLA Seminar 1996 Audios (17 MP3s)

Quantum Growth Audios (11 MP3s)

Quantum Leap Focus Group Audios (10 MP3s)

Creating Your Deal Flow Audios (2 MP3s)

CEO Workshop 1993 Quantum Leap Audios (4 MP3s)

Dan Pena Harvard Club Speech and Interview Audios (4 MP3s)

Investigation and Analysis of Deals Audios (2 MP3s)

QLA 1 Day London Seminar Audios (8 MP3s)

QLA 1 Day USA Seminar Audios (6 MP3s)

7 Secrets for Super Success Audio (1 MP3)

Deal Making & Acquisition Seminars Audios (Full) (8 MP3s)

Financing Your Dream Audios (2 MP3s)

Live at Harvard Club Audios (2 MP3s)

QLA 2012 Seminar Audios (4 MP3s)

Raising Capital Full Seminar Audios (8 MP3s)

Other PDF Downloads:

33 Secrets of Super Success PDF Download

Building Your Own Guthrie ebook Download (Old ‘Your First $100 Million Version’)

Goals & Visions Template (Worksheet)

Dan Pena Newsletters 1-75

Dan Pena QLA ebook 2nd edition


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