Prosperity Lead Generation 3-day Live Training

Danilo Lee

Prosperity Lead Generation 3-Day Live Training – Danilo Lee download

What we can learn from Prosperity Lead Generation 3-Day Live Training?

Combining decades of experience in all facets of a true lead generation company, Prosperity brings together experts from across the country to share invaluable, real-world advice. Whether it be managing people, copywriting, cash flow issues, or CRO/LP optimization, you’ll be brainstorming with the best of the best. The networking opportunities are unmatched in a small group setting like this.

  • Fundamentals of leading a leadgen company.
  • How to run a team.
  • Explore the art of pitching your company’s service/product.
  • Step up your copywriting skills.
  • Finding and negotiating new offers.
  • Loosely wireframe/design a landing page.
  • Using conversion rate optimization tools.
  • Google, Snapchat, Facebook, etc insights.
  • Staying up to date with legal changes.
  • Finding financing for campaigns.
  • Valuating and selling your business.
  • And more.

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