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Eric Brief
How I Closed Over 100 Digital Marketing Clients In One Year And The Repeatable Sales Process That The World’s Best Agencies Are Using To Do The Same Thing
  •  The Sales Machine: the only two ways to grow your sales
  •  The Only Objection: the real reason people don’t buy from you
  •  The Golden Question: the one question to ask to move people past their objection
For 4 years I was the #1 sales person for in New York. 

Over that time I’ve closed over 400 deals and generated millions of dollars in revenue.
Since then I’ve gone on to help hundreds of digital marketers improve their sales and grow their agencies.
In this presentation I’m going to show you how to get more real sales opportunities and close more deals with a sales process I’ve learned and perfected. 
It is the same effective sales process used by the best digital agencies in the world.

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