How to Learn a New Language in 3 Months

In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day. udemy course
What Will I Learn?
  • Have actionable strategies in place to start learning a language more effectively
    • You should know which language you want to learn
    • Have a pen and notebook to write down notes

    In this Free Masterclass, we’ll share research-based strategies and tactics on how you can learn a language in 90 days. We’ve curated the best lessons and learning hacks from the world’s top polyglots, linguists, and researchers designed to shorten your learning time significantly.

    The topics we’ll cover include:

    • How to set the right goals that will 10x your learning speed (and why the way we’ve been taught to set goals are wrong)
    • How to create more time in your busy schedule to learn anything
    • How to learn 90%+ of any language in 100 days
    • The only 8 sentences you need to understand grammar in any language
    • How to remember 90% of everything you learn
    • The secret weapon that Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton use to achieve incredible results
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