Mindfulness Meditation: The complete 7 day beginners course.

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Complete 7 day beginners mindfulness meditation and wellbeing course
What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn to become more aware and positive with all aspects of your life and health, you will be able to choose rather than just react and so take charge and choose your life.
  • You will become calmer, more focused and kinder to yourself .
  • You will learn to use the most sophisticated and effective meditaion app. The Calm Mind App
  • By practicing mindfulness every day for 15 mins you will change your life.
  • New neural Pathways will be created within your brain by folowing this course.
  • The desire to improve your life, health and wellbeing.
  • This course will help you to start to make sense of your emotions and anxieties, master your fears and worries.
  • Become more engaged with your life, more energised and more relaxed.
  • Explaining the science of mindfulness through to the guided mindfulness practices of the body scan, breathing meditation and the loving kindness meditation.
  • Included are day by day instruction videos, audios, pdf notes, summary and quiz for each day.
  • All with fully explained practices, techniques and instructions.
  • Included in the course is the unique mindfulness App ‘Mindfulness Breathing’ ( see video) which will accompany and facilitate you to be practicing mindfulness anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
course price - 200$

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