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NEW TRUTH creates NEW WORLD NEW WORLD destroys OLD WORLD This will MAKE YOU RICH or MAKE YOU EXTINCT in 2019 and Beyond.


This ad is for “Loan Builder,” a business born in Planet Perry. PayPal purchased it from a Planet Perry member for a fortune. Now one of the biggest lenders in the world today, they’ve axis-shifted the banking industry.

Another Planet Perry member was earning $50 an hour managing clicks four years ago. Now he has a company worth about a million. It’s profitable, the customers are insanely happy, it’s growing at double-digits. It’s axis-shiftingits market and his company is eminently sellable.

Another guy, exactly two years ago, was the typical Planet Perry serial entrepreneur / consultant, hustling, straddling two gigs, trying to manage the ADHD. In 2019 he owns a new movie studio with 1.1 billion dollars in backing. He’s playing in the same sandbox as Disney and Universal. Axis-shifting the movie biz.

I’ll tell you more about these guys soon, but they all have three things in common:

  1. All sought a deeper truth about their market and business… and accepted that truth before others did.
  2. All employed a process to reach this buried truth, a process they performed intuitively which has never been explained before now.
  3. All three made business-as-usual obsolete.

Each ushered in a New Era. Reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie:

MALCOLM: God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

ELLIE:(finishing it for him) Dinosaur eats man. Woman inherits the Earth.



YOU have a carnivorous T-Rex fixin’ to eat you – all the time.


You know: this time next year, your products, services, offerings must be better, faster, cheaper, more impressive, more efficient, more effective… Everything must get better all the time… And you also know that once every three or five or ten years, a little better is not enough. Cuz someone is going to totally disrupt, and all clocks get reset to zero.

But if I say to you: Go to Starbucks for two hours this afternoon. When you return, you must bring home at least three options for re-inventing yourself. Your team will cast a vote and in six months have new products on the market.

Oh, and by the way… incremental tweaks won’t cut it. Radical re-inventions only.

Could you?

99% could not. Why? Because there’s no formula.

Not before now.

At the Truth Seminar, AKA “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction” May 21-23, 2019 in Chicago, I’m delivering the formula, along with detailed, up-close insider views of a half-dozen Axis Shifters who’ve done the same.

This is NOT the all-too-common dog and pony show of shazam-o speakers and marketers and power point presentations. This is me pulling the stories out of Axis Shifters… turning off the cameras and tape recorders when asked… exposing the meat and grit of their thinking.

Because in all these (and many others too) there is the imperative:





Six months ago, I could not have articulated or explained this to you. But in late 2018 I started tracing the pattern I had missed for so long. This pattern was common to all three cases above; it was common to dozens, possibly hundreds of Planet Perry members, and every single one of my own inventions and innovations.

I’ve de-constructed and re-invented …

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • 80/20
  • Business strategy
  • Evolution
  • Theology
  • Psychology
  • Acoustics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • …and across 100+ industries, as I’ve helped thousands of clients re-invent businesses, careers and professions.

It’s a universal formula. Denominators of Disruption. There is nothing this cannot be applied to. No product that can’t be re-formulated. No industry that can’t be disrupted. No profession that can’t be overturned.

The first incarnation where I recognized this pattern was my first time getting fired from a job. It triggered a series of dominoes, one after another, and even the dominoes themselves fit the pattern.

This first story has no less than six dominoes. Each would later echo back in the form of million-dollar, even billion-dollar businesses, years later. Can you pick them out? (Once you recognize this pattern, you’ll spot it everywhere.)


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